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Introducing STAN, Your AI-Powered Community Assistant!
TEXT (734) 999-4470 NOW


Are you ready, folks? We're excited to announce, KS Management has launching STAN, a revolutionary AI assistant, to make your life even more comfortable in our community.


STAN is designed to seamlessly integrate with your property management software, making it incredibly easy to use. With STAN, you'll enjoy authentic human-like conversations, 24/7 assistance, and instant access to account balances, outstanding fees, and more without having to log into the portal!


Need to submit a work order? Just snap a photo and send it to STAN. It's that simple! Plus, our text blast feature ensures you'll never miss any crucial community-wide announcements.

TEXT STAN TODAY AT (734) 999.4470


You can text this number to start enjoying the benefits of STAN right away.

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