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We get it, sometimes you need just a little extra help. We can be that extra help your Association needs to handle all financial and accounting management. Using advanced accounting services with industry exclusive software, our trained accounting staff works hard to ensure your community's finances are well documented, stored, and distributed properly. 
With our 80+ years of combined experience, we know that no two communities are the same. Our focus is creating a management plan tailored to each community based on the needs of each community in our portfolio. Our dedication to being the premier Community Management company will ensure the success of your community!

Financial and Accounting Management

What's included? 

Complete accounts payable service including preparation of checks for review/ approval by the board of directors, updating vendor files annually, reconciling, generating, and mailing of 1099’s to required vendors.

Financial reports consisting of: balance sheet, income statement with budget analysis, delinquency reports, bank statements in reconciliation report, AP aging detail report, and AP expense register.

Co-owners have multiple payment options available to them, making it easy to pay their Association dues.

Our online portal allows Board Members to view monthly financial reports, run live reports and view bank statements.

Why choose KS for full management? 

This comparison sheet is a tool to help you compare Full Management and Financial Only Management. It allows you to easily find the differences so you can make a choice between the two.




Collect Assessments

Attend Annual Meeting
Process Vendor Payments
Secure Bids and Contractors

Maintain Online Portal w/ All Documents
Multiple Site Visits Per Month

Handle Violations
Handle Alteration Requests
Attend/Lead Board Meetings
Manage Amenities and Common Areas
Manage Service Requests & Projects
Liaison Between Board and Coowners
Research Issues and Offer Solutions

Ready to present the full benefits of KS Management to the board?

Download a printable version of our financial management vs full management comparison or give us a call to present all that KS has to offer for you! 

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