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Embrace the Chill: Fall and Winter Readiness Guide for Condo and HOA Residents

Updated: Nov 15

By: Jessica Posey CMCA | AMS | KS Management Inc. AAMC

As the leaves don their fiery hues and the air turns crisp, it's time to wrap our communities in the warmth of preparation for the colder months ahead. Here's a thoughtfully prepared list of pointers to preserve the warmth and well-being within our homes as we embrace the chill of the coming seasons.

For Those Spreading Winter Cheer at Home:

  • Frost-Proof Your Faucets: Ensure your outdoor water sources are winter-ready. Remember, it’s up to you to turn off those valves. Unwanted ice escapades due to frozen pipes are your responsibility.

  • Deck the Decks with Boughs of...Nothing: Clear your deck or patio. Let it be the blank canvas for winter's masterpiece — or just for snow.

  • Salt and Sanctuary: Keep your front porch and steps slip-free. Stock up on salt to keep those icy gremlins at bay.

  • Neighborly Navigations: Be a pal to plows and neighbors alike. Keep your vehicles out of the snow plows’ dance floor — we all appreciate a clear driveway and parking space.


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For Snowbirds Flying South:

  • Winterize the Nest: Store away your patio treasures. If you have a sump pump, keep the water on. That backup pump is a thirsty device, and without water, it won't save your nest from potential flooding.

  • Set Your Thermostat to Cozy: A minimum of 60 degrees should keep those pipes nice and toasty.

  • Keep the Lights On: Electrical service is not just for show; it’s essential. Let it run even when you're sunning elsewhere.

  • Consider a Full Winterization: If your condo will be without your glowing presence, show your pipes some love with full winterization.

  • Forward March with Your Info: Let your management company know where you'll perch for the winter. Forwarding addresses and contact numbers are usually due the beginning of December.

  • Key to Peace of Mind: Entrust a key to someone who can swoop in during emergencies. Neighbors, family, friends — any trusted ally will do.

  • Home Checks: Get a buddy or better yet, let KS Maintenance check on your homestead with the new Snowbird Service. It’s always good to have someone ensure everything is safe and working properly while you are gone.

As we transition through the seasons, let's do so with grace and care. By following these steps, we not only look after our own nests but also contribute to the well-being of our entire community. Don't forget to indulge in the seasonal festivities and neighborly cheer. Community is what we make it, and a little kindness goes a long way during the holiday season!


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