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Strengthening Communities Through Engagement

Updated: Oct 20

By: Lee Powers, CMCA | AMS | PCAM, Chief Operating Officer, KS Management


Building strong and resilient communities has always been close to my heart. I firmly believe that a community's growth and prosperity hinge on the pride and participation of its members. Each community has a unique identity, and tapping this identity is the foundation of building cohesive and thriving communities.

1. Embrace the Grassroots Approach From my experiences, community boards stand to gain immeasurably by creating social committees. These committees offer a platform for co-owners to actively shape their community's trajectory. It's not just about hosting events, but tailoring them to mirror the community's unique pulse for maximum engagement.

2 . Harnessing Technology's Power At KS Management, we've embraced software that melds individual community webpages with an interactive portal. This innovation stems from our understanding of the need for seamless communication within communities. From event announcements to facilitating payments, technology plays a pivotal role in creating unity and a sense of belonging.

3. The Charm of Simplicity One lesson I've learned over the years is that genuine connections often arise from simple interactions. Initiatives like book clubs, movie nights, or even converting shared areas into relaxed social zones can be profoundly effective. Take, for instance, the transformative power of turning a shared space into a weekend gathering point for food enthusiasts with food trucks.

4. Thoughtful Use of Resources Communities, while aiming to enhance their vibrancy, must also be conscious of their expenditures. Smart, cost-effective, and engaging events can be magnetic, drawing members and building community ties. It also repositions board members, casting them as peers and partners in the neighborhood, bridging any existing perception gaps.

5 . Planning: The Bedrock of Successful Events Being at the helm of several community engagements, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of meticulous planning. Especially for grander events, a two-to-three month lead time is prudent. Local venues, in my view, not only simplify logistics but also add a familiar touch.

6. Sparking Interest Through Friendly Competition Competitions have a unique allure. Whether it's festive decor challenges or community-led charity drives, they foster camaraderie and a sense of shared purpose. Such spirited endeavors unite communities, bolstering bonds and shared memories.

7. The Imperative of a Positive Image I've observed that communities projecting a positive image enjoy higher retention rates and pique the interest of potential residents. Transparent communication, newcomer engagement, and proactive board involvement are paramount to a harmonious community.

In wrapping up, I'd like to reiterate a philosophy I hold dear:

"There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about."

With commitment and these guiding principles, we can collaboratively craft communities that everyone feels proud to call their home.

We work for you, not the other way around. We ensure our communities are cared for and brought up to a gold standard while still running efficiently.

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